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Nothing in your remodeling or redecorating budget can make a bigger impact on the overall look and feel of your home as your flooring.

Yet, some people will spend an incredible amount of time and money selecting a sofa or a bed and pay little or no concern to the a) type, b) quality, and c) design of their floors!

In a bad economy some may be renewing their floors every fifteen to twenty years. In better times or with the purchase of a new home this period may be reduced between five to ten years. Either way, this is a very long time to live with a decision that you get to see day in and day out. Even many marriages don’t last this long! Shouldn’t you dedicate some thought and a good portion of your remodeling budget to your floors?

Flooring options abound. There is a carpet place just around every corner! And the same can be said about tile or wood flooring stores. Where do you start? Anyone who has ever purchased flooring knows that the process can be overwhelming. While at the big box stores you are unlikely to find much help and have limited options, at the specialty stores you are likely to be driven by a sales-oriented clerk with little or no design experience who will attempt to close the sale the moment you walk in. No wonder many people feel intimidated! At the very least you will end up with an unpleasant experience or settling for the same old traditional floor because it’s “safe.”

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Since 2004 I have been helping customers in South Florida with their flooring needs. I am an interior decorator whose first experience in flooring came while working at Macy’s at the Aventura Mall. It was my pleasure assisting my clients to choose area rugs and wall to wall carpeting that would best suit their needs and decorating taste. I proved to be an unusual flooring associate at Macy’s because breaking with tradition I was not selling their best sellers. Yet, I became the best flooring associate they had in years and developed a large group of very satisfied clientele. I carried this approach at my own store Kyle by Design and later on while working at Miami Carpet & Tile. My total dedication to helping satisfy my customers’ needs propelled me to the top sales post at Miami Carpet & Tile, once again selling “outside the box” products.  It was and it is my product knowledge, my decorating background, and my affinity with my customers that has made it all possible

It has always been my desire to assist my clients and the community more fully. This is the reason I have moved on and created Kyle’s Floors & More. You can expect nothing but the best from me and my staff! With the best products in carpet, tile, marble and wood flooring, I have incorporated to my product lines a) all-wood made in America kitchen cabinetry, b) window shades and blinds, and c) photo art.  You will never be short on options and you will receive our expert advice.

215 E Oakland Park Blvd

Fort Lauderdale 33334

(954) 200-0710